Joel KO Hyun Sik

Co-founder and CEO







Would you consider Asia a favorable place for businesses to grow using A.I.?

Definitely, Asia can be one of the most preferred places for businesses to grow using A.I. There are a few reasons for this.


Firstly, Asians are becoming more open to changes in technology and they have the passion to spearhead new global trends (excluding in China).


Secondly, emerging markets in Asia hold big big potential and the market size is huge.


Finally, young generations in Asia are eager to use anything “new” they can get their hands on, including A.I. technologies.



In Asia, which sectors do you see A.I. having notable impact on?

I would pick three sectors: finance, healthcare, and entertainment.


The reason is simple: all of us strongly desire to make money, be healthy, and play for happiness. What I want to invest in is not complicated technology, but rather those that fulfil our ultimate desires by leveraging A.I.


There are three major daily activities that consume most of our time: sleeping (one third of our lives), working (an average of 10.5 years), and entertainment (an average of 9 years if you combine activities like TV, videos games, and social networks).


Sleeping is about health. We sleep to survive. Working is related to finance and our need for material sustenance. Again, very simple. Entertainment (or play) includes activities like watching TV, playing video games, browsing social networks - even eating and drinking.


The result is that we spend 70 per cent of our lifespans sleeping, working or partaking in some form of entertainment. Thus, money, health, and play should be the three key pillars of our AI investment thesis. We should keep it direct and straightforward.



What are the top challenges future leaders of A.I. are facing today?

The final scope and depth of impact in every area of society and business by A.I. is still unknown. It means future leaders face a challenge in properly preparing nations for an A.I.-driven world.


The sudden appearance of strong competitors leveraging A.I. will damage existing businesses that do not embrace the new technology. However, it’s still early days and the ROI for investors looking at emerging A.I. applications is still vague at present.












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