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How do you see AI impacting the industry you’re involved in?

AI is disrupting and changing the retail commerce landscape for both brands and online shoppers. New technologies are being applied to a multitude of areas within retail, from out of stock management to consumer insights, and most notably, retailers are using AI to solve for two of the biggest challenges within the industry: search and recommendation. Major online shopping platforms like Rakuten use AI and computer vision to improve search efficiency, and brands like ASOS implemented solutions to generate visual shopping from social media images. Additionally, on social platforms like Pinterest, AI-powered visual search helps users discover new ideas without having to manually search with keywords. These new technologies simplify the search process enormously for

consumers, enabling them to make better purchasing decisions they are confident in.


What are the top challenges future leaders of A.I are facing today?

AI is not just about advancing technology and teaching machines to do work previously done by humans. It’s also a social and cultural experiment of how technology integrates into our everyday lives. The biggest challenges for future leaders of AI is less related to the technology itself and focuses more on the ethics, legality, and safe boundaries within the industry. Similar to other emerging technologies, AI requires leaders to design with cyber security and safety in mind, and requires that societal responsibilities and values are acknowledged throughout the development process. There are a number of key questions that leaders will need to grapple with as further advances are made, including how to tackle unemployment when machines replace jobs, how to ensure there is equitable distribution of the wealth created by machines, and how to eliminate AI bias. AI has enormous potential to enrich human lives, but the responsibility of implementation is on industry leaders.


If there is an advice for key leaders to prepare for the fast changing world, due to the advancement of A.I, what would it be?

Like any transformative technology, AI carries risks and presents challenges across multiple touchpoints, with the most complex and urgent issues being its liability and accountability. When designing and implementing AI for social and professional environments, leaders should establish and adhere to common guiding principles that address the following issues:


  • Governance: Determine the core values, ethical guardrails, and accountability frameworks to put in place to prevent abuses of AI.
  • Job Displacement and Transplacement: When roles and functions are displaced by machines, leaders should determine if displaced workers can transfer their skills into new roles to lower the barrier for entry into the new industry.
  • Accountability: Machines should be built to monitor against key value-driven metrics such as algorithmic accountability, bias, and privacy.












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