Get Out Of Debt – Ways To Solve Debt Problems

Get Out Of Debt – Ways To Solve Debt Problems

If drowning in debt, fortunately, there are easy solutions to becoming debt free in a few years. Millions of people are living with thousands of dollars of credit card debt.

Because credit cards have exorbitant fees and interest, reducing the balance is extremely difficult. Still, it is possible to get out of debt. Here are a few practical solutions to help you realize your dream of becoming debt free.

Create a Realistic Debt Elimination Plan

If you have too much debt, more than likely it accumulated over years. Therefore, do not expect it to easily disappear. There are ways to eliminate debt overnight such as debt settlement, bankruptcy, etc.

However, these tactics are very damaging to your credit rating. Instead, be patient and create a strategy.

For example, if you have $3000 worth of credit card debt, determine how much extra you can afford to pay on the cards each month. Attempting to payoff the balance within six months is probably unrealistic, considering you would need to make payments that total $500 each month.

Create a payoff time of 12 – 18 months. With a little sacrifice, it may be possible to reduce and ultimately eliminate the debt.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Another approach for eliminating debt involves applying for a debt consolidation loan. Although debt consolidations do not erase the debt, they will eliminate credit card debt. The money obtained from the loan is used to payoff credit cards and other high interest loans.

Next, the borrowers repay the debt consolidation lender at a much lower rate. Typically, debt consolidation loans can be repaid in two to five years.

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Even though a debt consolidation loan only moves around debt, once your credit cards are paid in full, you will likely notice an increase in your credit score.

However, in opting for a debt consolidation, avoid making the same mistake twice. Accumulating new debt defeats the purpose of a consolidation.

Other debt consolidation options involve obtaining a home equity loan, refinancing, credit card balance transfer, or using a debt consolidation agency.

If using a debt management agency, you will not obtain a lump sum of money. Rather, the agency will manage your debts and convince creditors to lower the interest rates.

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